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Product Description

This is an online food ordering application; we will make this application for all the restaurant and hotels, who want their own mobile application.

We have made a common template as per the market demand; every restaurant and hotels have their own mobile application. In this application user can view the entire menu chart with the very effective design, we have made each and every things custom so that clients can change anything price and menu items by their choice.

Project Details

  • A simple new minimalist UI that enables you to place orders in seconds.
  • Simplified payment interface - Save a payment mode, use the wallet to preload money, and all the other usual payments modes.
  • Use your current location or select a location you want your food delivered to.
  • Add frequently used locations to your address book to get your food even faster.
  • Keep track of your order status with real-time notifications.
  • See all previous orders and reorder your favorites in seconds.
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